Perfect lunch

Today, in the break room at work, a colleague looked at my lunch and said, “What a perfect lunch for a pregnant woman!” I smiled at her blankly and continued to prepare my food, planning to eat at my desk.

“What?” another colleague asked.

I ignored everyone and walked out of the break room (see previous post, “11 days after” about this same day in which I give myself permission to avoid eye contact).

Later, I told the woman who had made the comment about my lunch about my pregnancy loss. She got teary eyed and gave me a hug.

Later, that same day, another woman pulled me into her office and closed the door.  Three miscarriages, she told me, and no one knows.  Only you.


One thought on “Perfect lunch

  1. I have had some similar reactions through my miscarriages. Hang in there. I wish either people just didn’t make those kinds of comments or we could wear a shirt that made some statement to deter those comments. It just ends up making both the listener and the speaker feel at the very least awkward. Sounds like you handled it well, though. Keeping you in my thoughts.


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